Basecrete Fibermesh 4.5 oz


Reinforcing 4.5 oz Fiberglass Mesh

Basecrete Fibermesh is made of multi-strand interwoven glass fibers. Fibers are coated with resin polymers to enhance their resistance to attack by alkalinity of mixtures containing Portland cement.

Use BC Fibermesh to reinforce and strengthen Basecrete in applications with a high level of stress and applications that are expected to have a high degree of movement.

Use Basecrete Fibermesh to:

1) Repair Cracks – For cracks 1116th to 1/4″ wide. Widen crack slightly with angle grinder or similar. Remove all loose debris and clean. Fill with Basecrete taking care to overlap 2 to 3 inches to each side of crack (half of mesh width). Apply mesh to freshly placed Basecrete and cover again with Basecrete ti/ Mesh no longer visible. Let cure overnight.

2) Go Over Two Different Material Types -Basecrete can be used to bridge two different types of materials eg. Metal drain in middle of concrete deck. Basecrete can be used to waterproof the cold join between the grate and the concrete. However since concrete and metal will expand and contract at different rates this places enormous stress at this join. Reinforcing with Basecrete Fibermesh will reduce the likelihood of hairline cracks forming at this juncture.

3) Reinforce Weakened or Spalling Concrete -If going over an extended area of old weakened concrete with significant spa/ling it is sometimes advisable to reinforce the entire Basecrete coating. In these instances using sheets of Basecrete Fibermesh will reinforce the entire surface area being covered with Basecrete.


  • Weight: 4.5 oz / sq yd
  • Size: 4″, 9.8″, 38″ x 150 linear feet per roll
  • Impact Resistance: 75-100 in per ASTM D1037 modified
  • Weave Used to Produce: Shuttle-less Loom (Sword Pole Loom)
  • Tensile Strength: Warp 100 tex / Welf 204 tex
  • Elongation %: Warp 4.0 / Weft 3.5
  • Coating Identity: Resin coating consisting of 5% Na(OH) 18-20% content
  • Flexibility: Extremely Pliable
  • Storage: Store on end in original manufacturers boxes. Do not permit prolonged exposure to and other elements of weather. Do not permit contact with petroleum products.?

***Use with?Basecrete Plus (concrete densifier)?for complete waterproofing system in swimming pools, spas, fountains and other wet area applications***

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