BRK-50 – Basecrete Waterproofing and Bondcoat Kit


Flexible Waterproofing?and Bondcoat

The industries best waterproofing agent, now in small batch to cover 50 sq. ft.. The BRK-50 is ideal for waterlines and pool accents, and?recommended to eliminate efflorescence and maintain the beauty of your tile.?Basecrete is a high performance, industry leading flexible waterproofing membrane and bond coat. A?proprietary blend of polymers and specialized content?providing unmatched strength and adhesion, yet remaining flexible to absorb movement in the underlying concrete structure.?

The 5 gallon pail includes 1 gallon of liquid?with a 30lb bag of mix, and?is easy to use. Simply empty contents, mix and apply! This material can be rolled, troweled, sprayed, or squeegeed, and designed for use in smaller applications. Made 100% in the USA!

NOTE: Each kit covers 50 sq. ft. at the manufacturer’s recommended 1/8″ applied thickness. 1/8″ thickness can be achieved as a single coat using a trowel method which yields a smooth surface ideal for setting porcelain and mosaic tile.

All other applications will require two coats, each at 1/16″ thickness. Allow 24 hours to dry between coats and apply in a criss-cross fashion. Rolling, spraying, and squeegee application methods yield a rough, textured surface more suitable when prepping for plaster finishes.

***Use with Basecrete Plus (concrete densifier) for a complete waterproofing system in swimming pools, spas, fountains and other wet area applications***

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