K100 Hyperflex – Cementitious Adhesive


K100 Hyperflex by Litokol

Imported from Italy, the K100 Hyperflex is an eco friendly, high performance, single component,?cementitious adhesive?that offers high deformation ability, low volatile organic chemical emissions,?zero vertical slip and extended open time for the installation of glass tile, ceramics and on interior and exterior floors and walls. The K100 when hardens offers minimal shrinkage creating excellent adhesion between the tile and substrate.

Particularly suitable for low thickness laminated porcelain stone installations, even if reinforced. Suitable for installation on top of existing tiles, heated floors and walls. Product developed using the new Litokol Dust Reduction, which?minimizes the creation of dust during mixing.


Key Advantages:

  • Product with low emission level of volatile organic compounds (VOC), classified as EC1PLUS (EMICODE) and A+ (French Regulation).
  • One-component, highly deformable product (class S2 as per EN12002), eliminating the need to use a latex.
  • Maintains excellent workability over time, without any bothersome thickening.
  • The special additives offer the product a very creamy texture and facilitate application using a notched trowel.
  • The adhesive mortar is highly thixotropic, allowing ceramic tiles and mosaics to be laid on walls without the need for plastic spacers.
  • Thanks to its low specific gravity, Hyperflex K100 has an output on average more than 10-15% higher than traditional class C2 cementitious adhesives.
  • The product has been developed with the new ?Litokol Dust Reduction? system, which drastically reduces the amount of dust produced when mixed with water, thus improving operator working and safety conditions.


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